A Single Standard

Our qualified team mutually create tasty and healthy menus for our clients. Besides our daily service, we are providing themed day which lasts throughout the year.

Parıltım Newrest Quality Team monitors and audits our sites and production processes in order to continuously improve our activities. We offer a pleasant dining environment with our concepts, which are created based the consumers’ expectation.

Meals served per day
Production Units

Our Customers

We are serving various consumer from different business segments, including private and public companies that are covering multiple sectors such as factories, hospitals, education, etc. We provide a pleasant environment and rich customer experience where our guest can enjoy our tasteful meals and take a break from their daily jobs.

Parıltım Newrest becomes a solution partner to the hospital service needs of the healthcare sector where we provide meals for the employees in order to provide them the energy to take care of their patients. Moreover, our dedicated team pay attention to all dietary requirements to compose balanced menus with tasty recipes for patient health.

Teaching establishments like public and private schools, kindergartens, universities trust us with management of their food and beverage services to students. We know the importance of a balanced and varied diet for the physical growth of children.