Every Trip Counts

Newrest Wagon-Lits is the European leader in the train service market with 750 daily trips. The aim is to help rail operators in their quest for the best on-board service at the right price for their customers.

Our global partner, Newrest Wagon-Lits, is eager to create an exceptional experience by offering the best day and night train services for the 17 million passengers served each year. Experienced teams are able to offer supply chain management as well as advanced technologies.

Meals Served Per Day
Countries Worldwide

Newrest Wagon-Lits offers a full range of services on-board: a bar, a dining car, integrated first class services, sales cart, online pre-ordering and on-board entertainment. Newrest Wagons-Lits, which is responsible for equipping the trains, prepares, manages and stores all the necessary products for the smooth operation of the services on-board and for assuring passenger comfort.

Thus, the teams offer rail operators a complete and coherent supply chain: purchase and inventory management; synchronizedloading andunloading of products, containers and materials; and diagnostic and control services before departure.

Newrest Group know-how in complex logistics operations, applied to the railway environment, enables it to design and develop specific logistics facilities and equipment for our operations.